5 Innovative Ways to Promote Your Brand with Custom USB Flash Drives

usb-drive-wood-swivel-style-001No doubt! You have an idea about the custom USB flash drives and somewhat its use in the brand promotion. Lots of companies already use this tool for advertising; you can also take the benefits of popularity of this amazing tool or promote your business through this device. You will see here some innovative ways to use of flash drives to expand your brand.

Use Flash Drives In Tradeshow

Probably, you have used several traditional advertising sources like brochure, templates and other literature in your last trade show. Now, time is changing, used to custom printed USB flash drives with pre-loaded of all information about your brand such as data sheets, articles, catalogs and white papers in next trade show to promote your company. You will be sure that people not throw it in the dustbin, they takes it with them.

Leave Behind After Your Business Meeting For Your Client

Before every business meeting with your clients you prepare PowerPoint presentations for describing your products or services. You should install related information with targeted content in custom USB flash drives. Once, you finished your presentation, than leave it to your client. It will be helping them to know more about your brand and revise your presentation as well.

Direct Mail to Your Customers

Send the customers on the list a promotional USB flash drives that have been pre-loaded with an especial file that contain all key information about your brand and products/services with print of any one your product.

Addition to Business Card

Use Promotional USB flash drives as your business card and carry with you in networking events and give it contact person/client. Don’t forget to preload other essential data on this business card. It’s common trend, most of people through the business card in elsewhere, just after the representative leave the office, but this innovative business card just a piece of paper but more than it!

Re-engage With Previous and Existed Customers

Prepare the list of all your previous and excited customers. Get bulk USB flash drives from any custom USB flash drives manufacturer at inexpensive rate. Install short description about your new launched products in these tools and send to them.

Best of Luck!

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